Stock up on Office Supplies

Right Writing Supplies

Right Writing Supplies

No matter how computerized the world gets, nothing is ever going to quite match the usefulness of pen or pencil and paper. You need a variety of different pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers to keep an office running smoothly. When it comes to your office supplies, this is not the right area to be stingy or cheap. Having the right writing utensils, paper, filing materials, and organization supplies can help keep everyone on their toes and make the office run more smoothly.

Mailing Supplies

Mailing Supplies

A piece of mail that arrives in the mailbox is a more intimate form of communication than just another email in the old inbox. For that reason, when you’re mailing out written communications to customers, it’s important that you choose the right mailing supplies that will make a good impression on the customer. Protect their privacy with thick envelopes that aren’t see through, and use stationary with a company letterhead to let them know that the communication they’ve received is legitimate and came directly from your company.

Invest in Technology

Invest in Technology

There are all kinds of computer programs and electronic devices out there that were designed specifically to make office work easier. You can find software programs for almost everything from tax preparation to workflow management. Make sure to train your employees on these programs before letting them loose, however. Devices that will make the office run more smoothly include printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines. You can combine all of these devices into one with a combination printer, a great space saver for small offices.

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